What is Motivus | Distributed Computing in a Sharing Economy

Rodrigo Inostroza, 2021-01-17

Welcome to the future of distributed computing. In Motivus we set out to democratize the access to high performance computing based on a collaborative monetization system.

A World Run by Data

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

It’s not a surprising thing to say that the modern world is dominated by data. With 2.5 quintillion bytes generated per day in the world, organizations of all kinds are using data analysis to create products and services that suit consumers' needs in better ways.

Data processing and analysis not only applies to product or service based companies, but it also is necessary in different scientific research projects. The creation of the COVID-19 vaccine, for example, relied heavily on data processing and AI to accelerate it’s creation.

As of now, processing big volumes of data takes place either in supercomputers or cloud computing services offered by companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Yes, no surprise that the three giants have their toes on this.

But what if everyone around the world could share the idle power of their own personal devices? And what if by doing this people could get paid?

Enter Motivus


Motivus sets out to create a collaborative high performance computing network, where clients can process big volumes of data while users get rewarded by sharing the processing power of their devices.

Our multilateral platform sets out to benefit users and clients alike, allowing users to have an additional stream of income while offering clients a safe and affordable environment to process big volumes of data.

Motivus runs in a sandboxed execution environment while also having HTTPS encryption. These methods allow us to offer safety and data privacy to our users and clients. To know more, please visit our article Importance of Cyber Security in Motivus.

Who can join Motivus?

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Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

Anyone that has a computing device with access to a web browser (laptop, desktop, phone, tablet) can become a user. Users then log in to the Motivus Floating Tool to start processing on projects of their own choosing. You could help scientists create 3D models of RNA, run Cosmological Simulations, or even mine Cryptocurrencies. These projects are not currently operating.

If you’re on the client side, data scientists and programmers can create their own algorithms that will then run with the Motivus Framework. Motivus will then distribute tasks to all devices that are available. Eventually, we want to allow programmers to be able to sell their algorithms through Motivus to other individuals or entities to use.

Last but not least, website owners can host the Motivus Floating Tool on their own sites to serve as an alternative to classic banner-like ads. By having users log in to the Floating Tool through their website to start processing, website owners will receive a commission of that transaction.

What is the current state of Motivus?


We have just launched our website and with it the beta version of our Floating Tool. To test our platform, we will be running a Benchmark Contest. The objective of this benchmark is to try to have the biggest number of users processing data for the longest amount of time. The Benchmark will run between the February 11 and February 18.

We want to be able to grow a community of users that benefit from being part of our platform, this is why we’ve chosen to do the Benchmark in a Contest scenario. We will be giving out Amazon Gift Cards of up to 100 USD among participants with the longest processing times and tasks. Please visit our Motivus Benchmark article to know more details about the contest!

Motivus’ Software Factory

If you are interested in processing data for your company or research investigation, but don’t have coding skills or don’t know where to begin, please visit the Motivus Software Factory, where our team will create tailored made solutions for your data science problems.

Any questions? Please contact us.