Introducing the Motivus Marketplace
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After months of hard work, we are thrilled with the progress of our platform and all that has been accomplished to date. Perhaps our proudest achievement these days is our algorithm marketplace, which is now fully operational and eager to welcome more collaborators and algorithms.

What if we told you that you can find data, algorithms and scalable computing power to process those algorithms, all in one place?

Oh yeah. Our Motivus Marketplace is fully active, at last! All systems are go, folks.

This is a huge milestone for us and we are trying to make it as fun and exciting for everyone as it is for us.

What is the Motivus Marketplace, anyway?

The Motivus Marketplace is a virtual platform of computing resources consisting of three central elements: algorithms, data, and processing power. These feedback on each other, generating information and useful input for different types of organizations and clients that are part of the Motivus community.

In other words, literally anyone who is interested in upgrading their business proceses or anyday endeavor!

The Motivus Marketplace offers the possibility for developers from all over the world to make their algorithms available to the community and monetize them through a commission-based scale. Any individual or organization who is part of the Motivus community may purchase the use of these algorithms and implement them on the Motivus distributed computing infrastructure.

Developer portal in Motivus Marketplace

Our distributed computing infrastructure is key, as it dramatically reduces response times thanks to the computing power available on cloud-based services, as well as digital devices from all over the world. Also, depending on their specific needs, our network allows users to increase the performance of their applications instantly, whenever they need to.

Currently, three algorithms are available on the Motivus Marketplace, but we are excited to bring more on board. Check them out and try them for yourself here.

Why are we doing this?

It’s really a matter of drive and purpose. At Motivus, we truly believe in the power of technology and collaboration to achieve great things and push the frontiers of knowledge. Through the smart use of data and algorithms, we are aiming at providing solutions to different problems in society and industry; from everyday challenges faced by public sector agencies and private organizations of diverse nature, to common problems of scientific research in academia. And that is only the beginning of it.

kmeans algorithm view

The Motivus Marketplace works on the basis of our very own Plug&Play model, which allows anyone to access, upload new algorithms, and/or use other developer’s algorithms that are already hosted in the Marketplace quite simply and autonomously, without the need for human intervention and with global reach.

To get started, you just need to register with your e-mail on our website clicking on the LOGIN button. You can access useful información in the DOCUMENTATION section, and also review insightful information of each of the algorithms currently hosted, clicking on them in the MARKETPLACE section.

And that’s it! Welcome everyone to this dynamic and collaborative space which we intend to make our humble contribution to the world with. If you have any questions or would like to receive further information, do not hesitate to contact us by joining our “Motivus” channel on Discord ( See you soon!

Thanks for Reading!

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