ALBA: Smart farming and precision agriculture from Chile to the world
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Observation, measurement and management of agricultural, livestock and dairy farms to increase production, efficiency and optimize costs. This is ALBA, the technological application powered by Motivus that aims to revolutionize the industry.

Chile is one of the largest agricultural producers in Latin America. It is estimated that 31% of Chilean companies are involved in the agricultural industry and that agriculture represents around 17% of the country's total exports.

Closely related to agriculture is livestock, which is also a key sector for the country. At the national level, cattle, swine, horses, goats and sheep are the most common types of livestock, with a focus on the production of animals for meat and by-products such as milk, leather and wool.

In the context of climate, economic and sanitary crisis, the intensification of the agricultural and livestock sector poses tremendous challenges. The adoption of technologies to inject dynamism, increase production and meet climate challenges is essential to ensure the long-term sustainable growth of the sector.

This is how ALBA was born, a project of the Chilean company Dairylink that seeks to optimize agricultural management through digital tools.

Based on mathematical modeling, ALBA allows to store, process and organize technical and economic information from multiple agricultural, livestock and dairy farms, creating the necessary conditions to optimize their management and planning and, consequently, to make better and more timely decisions.

¿How does ALBA work?


With an intuitive and simple interface, ALBA allows introducing a series of variables associated with agricultural work, such as farm characteristics (size, soil types, pasture conditions); livestock characteristics (weight, health, feed); crop types; inputs; machinery characteristics, and other relevant variables.


All this allows to determine, for instance, the distribution of crops in farms with different characteristics; or to optimize crops to incorporate into planning; or to estimate feed imports according to livestock requirements; or to simulate development and forage production objectives. Or even, ultimately, to optimize the resources of all the processes carried out along the value chain.

ALBA is powered by Motivus

Conceived as a cutting-edge application, whose conceptual and technological base is nourished by the benefits of smart farming and precision agriculture, ALBA embraces Motivus technology to process huge volumes of data, systematize and streamline agricultural production quickly and, above all, easily scalable to millions of farms around the world.

Today, ALBA is being implemented in seven agricultural and livestock farms in southern Chile. However, given the scalability of processing power provided by Motivus' distributed computing infrastructure, ALBA could be executed exponentially in more and more national and international farms, without compromising speed and response times.

The future of agriculture is digital

We know that we live in complex times. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the growing world population will have to be satisfied by 2050 with a 70% increase in agricultural production. At Motivus, we are putting our technology and knowledge at the service of a matter we consider to be of vital importance, requiring an important collaborative effort if we expect to remain in what we call home. Working with ALBA is our humble yet ambitious contribution in that path.

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