With your help, we want to see how powerful our platform can be. Share the idle power of your device to the Motivus Network and win up to 100 USD Amazon Gift Cards!

Rodrigo Inostroza, 2021-01-19

Welcome to the future of distributed computing. In Motivus we set out to democratize the access to high performance computing based on a collaborative monetization system.

Rodrigo Inostroza, 2021-01-17

Because we are aware of the importance of cyber security and data privacy in the modern age, the following article will explain the security measures that the Motivus Framework employs to ensure that your device, and your data, is completely safe.

Rodrigo Inostroza, 2021-01-12

Predicting and building 3D structures of RNA is key for understanding its function and behaviors. Learn how Simon Poblete, a chilean researcher, was able to create a program with Motivus that allowed him to obtain, the full structure of a RNA motif, based uniquely on its sequence.

Rodrigo Inostroza, 2020-12-29

From better Machine Learning technology, development of tools for qualitative analysis, to revolutionizing the health industry and climate change research, Big Data will play a key role in 2021. Continue reading to know more about Big Data challenges of 2021 and beyond.

Rodrigo Inostroza, 2020-12-23

If you're just starting to dig deep in the world of big data, then you're at the right place. In this article we'll do a comprehensive analysis of what big data is, big data examples, big data tools and of course the 3 Vs of Big Data.

Rodrigo Inostroza, 2020-12-14