Welcome to our Collaborative Data Processing Platform!Motivus is a marketplace of resources where high-performance distributed computing and algorithms interact with each other to generate information and optimize processes in industry, science and technology.

I want to distribute my algorithm

Distribute your algorithms in the motivus marketplace, and obtain all these benefits: distribution, selling and hosting.

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motivus charater

I want to process data!

Program your own drivers to work with the Motivus cluster and start processing your data now.

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I want to monetize my website

Host the Motivus FloatingTool on your website and get paid whenever users process through it.

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motivus charater

I want to share my computer power

Share your computer power with researchers all around the world and get paid.

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How It Works



Let’s say George, a protein researcher, has a data science problem that needs a high performance computing solution. He can’t afford a supercomputer or other cloud computing services.

Andrew, a stay at home dad, is looking for new ways to make money while taking care of his kids.

Enter Motivus

Enter Motivus

George is able to solve his data science problem by using not only Andrew’s processing power, but also the power of thousands of other computers spread around the world.

Andrew is able to use his computer to rent part of its processing power to George. The more Andrew let’s George use his computer resources, the more money he makes.



George walks out of Motivus with 3D models of proteins that will help him create a vaccine.

At the same time, Andrew logs out with some extra earnings that will allow him to buy his daughter a new toy. Both George and Andrew’s data and privacy are safe thanks to Motivus’ technology.



Your data and files are safe. Read more.


People working together.


Available for everyone.


No need for server farms.


No coding skills needed.


Compute anywhere around the world.